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ADAMCO manufactures and distributes agricultural equipment to help farmers be efficient in their farming, and harvesting.

Philippine farming plays a vital role in the socio-economic activity of the countr

Philippine Agriculture is the most important, yet the most under budget sector in the country.

The rice combine harvester of ADAMCO is known for high work efficiency, and excellent performance in both wet and dry fields.

A rice harvester in the philippines is one of the most important equipment known to farmers, and farm owners alike which makes harvesting faster, and easier.

A harvester's price is not affordable, but it can increase a farmer's income because of reduction of percentage of grain loss from 10% to less than 1%.
For quality agricultural equipment that ensure better return on investment for both famers, and farm owners, call Ada Manufacturing Corporation.
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Data Privacy Policy

Ada Manufacturing Corporation (Adamco) and its affiliates are committed to respecting and protecting your data privacy rights as a data subject in accordance with RA 10173 (“Data Privacy Law of 2012”), its Implementing Rules and Regulations and other applicable laws of the Republic of the Philippines. This data privacy discusses how personal information is collected, processed, disclosed, and stored by Adamco and is applicable to its employees and all persons who apply for or avail of any of Adamco’s products and services.


When you apply for or avail of any product or service that Adamco offers or when you interact with our employees, authorized representatives, agents, affiliates and service providers, we collect your personal information. This may include, among others:

  • Name and personal particulars such as contact details, address, age, date/place of birth, gender, civil status, nationality, education
  • Email address and contact number
  • Employment details (Nature of work, name of employer or nature of self-employment/business)
  • Financial information (such as income, expenses, balances, investments, tax, insurance, financial and transaction history, etc.)
  • Specimen Signature
  • Government ID details
  • Business interests and assets
  • Permits, Licenses & Registrations
  • Status of Pending Civil/Criminal Cases (if any)
  • When the customer or authorized representative is a foreign national, passport or Alien Certificate of Registration issued by the Bureau of Immigration
  • Name and personal particulars of Spouse, if applicable, such as contact details, address, age, date/place of birth, gender, civil status, nationality
  • Name and personal particulars of Co-borrower, if required, such as contact details, address, age, date/place of birth, gender, civil status, nationality

We may, as and when necessary, seek to verify or augment this information with third-party entities including government regulators, in the process, gain additional information about you.

In the course of availing our products and services, we also collect information about your financial history or farm/business’ nature or needs. We may also collect, use and keep your personal opinions or comments made known to us via feedback or responses to surveys or any other interaction that you had with our employees, authorized representatives, agents, affiliates and service providers.


Adamco and its affiliates shall process the Client’s personal information in connection with any of the following purposes:

  • Ease of contacting/communicating with clients;
  • Evaluate, approve, provide, or manage purchase
  • Comply with know-your-customer information requirements;
  • Evaluate Client’s eligibility for Adamco’s products and services;
  • Perform profile and risk analysis;
  • Provide extensive and quality support to the Client;
  • Process your transaction(s) whenever you avail of our products and services.
  • Inform you about our new product/services offerings and promotions (“direct marketing”).
  • Perform other such activities permitted by law or with your consent.


Processing refers to the collection, recording, organization, storage, updating or modification, retrieval, consultation, use, consolidation, blocking, erasure or destruction of personal information. If necessary for the efficient delivery of Adamco’s products and services, the processing of personal data may be outsourced to third party service providers subject to compliance with this Statement and the provisions of the Data Privacy Act and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.

Adamco shall collect personal information through, but not limited to, any of the following:

  • Face-to-face and/or telephone conversation with Adamco personnel, authorized representatives, agents, affiliates and service providers
  • Accomplishment and/or signing of forms/documents
  • Social media and website forms


Adamco and its affiliates collect information upon the Client’s application for purchase of products and services. This includes, but not limited to, customer inquiry forms, purchase application forms, installment mode of payment processing, delivery details for delivery of product, after sales request forms for warranty or repair etc.


Personal information may be processed and shared with various units and affiliates of Adamco to the extent necessary for any of the purposes of processing purchase of products or services.


We may share your personal information with our subsidiaries, affiliates and third parties, under an obligation of confidentiality.

  • We may share personal information with various units within the Ropali Group of Companies (RGC) or with our accredited third party personal information processors such as contractors, vendors, financial and financing partners or with our affiliate companies (for commercial purposes, including direct marketing or profiling) in order to better understand the way you use our products and services. This will also allow us to improve our services and offer you opportunities to obtain such other useful products and services that may deliver greater value to you.
  • We may share information with our subsidiaries and affiliates to likewise offer you additional products and services that we believe you might find interesting.
  • We may share with third parties that we engaged to support us in delivering our services to you. These may involve anonymous or aggregated information to help improve our products, services, and content.

Such data sharing shall be done in a manner compliant with the Data Privacy Act of 2012. Your personal information may also be processed electronically and/or manually.

Further, if you are, become, or apply to become a client of any of our subsidiaries and affiliates, Adamco and the subsidiaries and affiliate/s concerned has the option, but not the obligation to, rely upon, use, and share your relevant personal and/or account information for any of the following purposes:

  1. To facilitate your purchase application form with the concerned subsidiary/ies or affiliate/s;
  2. To validate, consolidate or update your customer information records
  3. To send you reminders, announcements, promotions, offers, invitations and other notifications;
  4. To enroll you in loyalty or similar client-oriented programs of RGC;
  5. For research purposes or to design banking, financial, securities and investment or other related products or services for your use;
  6. For promotional and/or marketing activities of Adamco or of the concerned subsidiary/ies or affiliate/s; and/or
  7. To comply with a legal obligation to which Adamco or the concerned subsidiary/ies or affiliate/s is subject.

We may transfer, store, and/or process your personal data outside the Philippines. In doing so, we will comply with the Data Privacy Act and its implementing rules and regulations.

We wish to assure you that we do not, and will not, sell personal data to any third parties. All our engagements with third parties shall be fully compliant with our obligation of confidentiality imposed on us under the applicable agreements and/or terms and conditions or any applicable laws that govern our relationship with you.


Retention and disposal of personal information shall be made in accordance with the Records Disposal Policy of Adamco. We will retain your personal information as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which data was obtained, particularly:

  • For the fulfillment of the declared, specified, and legitimate purpose, or when the processing relevant to the purpose has been terminated
  • For the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims
  • For legitimate business purposes, which must be consistent with standards followed by the applicable industry or approved by appropriate government agency
  • And in any case provided by law


Adamco, its employees, authorized representatives and affiliates, shall handle personal information with utmost care and adhere to appropriate organizational, physical, and technical measures to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and security of all personal information in its possession.


In accordance with the Data Privacy Act, the Client has the right to:

  1. Right to be informed. As a data subject, you have the right to be informed that your personal data will be, are being, or were, collected and processed.
  2. Right to access. In relation to your right to be informed, you also have the right to gain reasonable access to your personal data, such as: (a) contents of your personal data that were processed; (b) manner by which such data were processed; (c) date when your data was last processed and modified, among others. 
  3. Right to object. You have a right to object to the processing of your personal data, including automated processing or profiling. Likewise, you have the right to be notified and given an opportunity to withhold consent to the processing in case of changes to the information given to you regarding the processing of your information.
  4. Right to erasure or blocking. You have the right to suspend, withdraw or order the blocking, removal or destruction of your personal data.
  5. Right to damages. You may claim compensation if you suffered damages due to inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of personal data.
  6. Right to file a complaint. You may file a complaint if you are the subject of a privacy violation or personal data breach, or who are personally affected by a violation of the Data Privacy Act.
  7. Right to rectification. You have the right to dispute any inaccuracy or error in your personal data and request to correct it, unless such request is unreasonable.
  8. Right to data portability. This means that you have a right to obtain a copy of your personal data either in an electronic or structured format to give you more control and manage your personal data.


Any inquiry or request for information regarding this Statement may be addressed to the following:

Data Protection Officer

Ada Manufacturing Corporation

Ropali Plaza, Josemarie Escriva Drive,

Ortigas Center, Pasig City, 1772


Website : www.adamco.ph

Email: dpo@adamco.ph

Contact No:  0917-8337944


We may modify or amend this Privacy Statement from time to time to keep up with any changes in relevant laws and regulations applicable to us or how we collect, use, protect, store, share or dispose of your personal information.  Any relevant updates will be posted in our branches and/or the Adamco website.