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ADAMCO manufactures and distributes agricultural equipment to help farmers be efficient in their farming, and harvesting.

Philippine farming plays a vital role in the socio-economic activity of the countr

Philippine Agriculture is the most important, yet the most under budget sector in the country.

The rice combine harvester of ADAMCO is known for high work efficiency, and excellent performance in both wet and dry fields.

A rice harvester in the philippines is one of the most important equipment known to farmers, and farm owners alike which makes harvesting faster, and easier.

A harvester's price is not affordable, but it can increase a farmer's income because of reduction of percentage of grain loss from 10% to less than 1%.
For quality agricultural equipment that ensure better return on investment for both famers, and farm owners, call Ada Manufacturing Corporation.
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Machines That Empower the Filipino Farmer

Climate change and the shrinking supply of farm labor makes agriculture production more difficult for the Filipino farmer. Adamco’s line-up of farm machines –from land preparation, crop maintenance, and harvesting—help the farmer achieve better yields every season.


Making Agriculture Easy and Profitable

ADAMCO serves the Filipino farmer by providing them access to the latest in agricultural technology. From equipment servicing , farm services and access to flexible financing, ADAMCO paves the way for the farmer.


Reaching Filipino Farmers Nationwide

ADAMCO is the largest dealer of Rice Combine Harvesters in the Philippines , with over 50% share of deployed machines nationwide. Our branches also sell farm tractors, rice transplanters and various agri-machinery. Visit our branches to see our complete product line up.

Who we are

The Story Behind


Ada Manufacturing Corporation (ADAMCO) started manufacturing hand tractors and rice threshers in the 1970s. In 2010, the demand for rice combine harvesting machines pushed ADAMCO to grow as a dealer with national reach.


Rice Combine Harvester

The Rice Combine Harvester makes the harvesting process easier by combining six operations such as gathering, transporting, reaping, threshing, cleaning and bagging into one machine. 

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Mechanical Rice Transplanters

With climate change and water availability affecting cropping patterns, it is critical for today’s rice farmer to be able to plant on-time and on-schedule. Mechanical rice transplanters empower...

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Farm Tractors

Land preparation is the hardest part of the planting process.  Traditionally, this has been done using animal and drawn implements, like plows and harrows. Today’s modern way of land...

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Believes in making agriculture easy for the farmer by providing them access to modern agricultural machinery